The online world has totally changed every part of the world from finance to music. A few years ago small bands played in garages, family functions, and cafes. They would cut discs and mail them to music giants with the hope of being “discovered”.

The internet and MP3 music has brought about many changes in the fortunes of small bands. The distribution system and marketing choices have changed. Completely new media formats as well as personal websites are everywhere and so the reach of music became world wide. Long gone are small town boundaries or hitting the road in order to spread awareness. The click of a mouse can now increase popularity. Having said that it is not all about success following the initial boom, numerous music sites and bands went bust.

What a band with a dream of golden discs must do is:

- Take time to do a complete study of their options and weigh the options thoroughly.

- Create an idiot proof marketing plan.

- If in doubt consult marketing professionals with knowledge in the music industry.

To market your band on the web you must:

- Don’t assume you will make a large financial returns at the very start. You’ll want to popularize your music by giving it away. Put MP3s and videos on your website and use Social media to your advantage. Getting a persons to downloads just one of your songs can be the start of an on going marketing exchange.

- Ensure that your music is traceable when a person has your song on their IPod chances are they will only be capable of trace you if the artist/band name and web address are listed.

- You have to categorize the music correctly. Determine whether or not it should be placed within rock, pop, folk, or electronica.

- Locate favourite music submission websites and use these to promote your music. Most people who find themselves looking for new music visit these sites.

- To use the power of the internet, your band must have your own website, buy a domain name, build you site or Blog on a reliable host, and then optimize it to be sure it ranks high in the search engines.

- Your website content should include stories about the band, articles, reviews, fan testimonials, and can also have other music related news. The key is to make your website interesting so that visitors are tempted to keep browsing and hear your music.

- Arrange to have reviews of your music and wherever possible post them on community sites and blogs. Participate in music forum and submit press releases to well established press release sites.

- Make certain people are aware that your band accepts gig requests and any printed materials promoting existing events should displays your web address.

- In the event you like composing lyrics or jingles for small business promotions. Once again your website is the place to promote this aspect of your creativity.

- Once you have achieved a small presence think about ways to generate funds. You could potentially sell your music or offer subscriptions. Alternately, the download music could remain free of charge but generate money from other channels such as advertisements, pay per click and so forth. Or even create a music related commerce site selling IPods, accessories and so on. The business aspect will need to be worked out carefully.

The world can be yours when you are adventurous.