PostHeaderIcon Practicing Music And Performing Music Become One

There is a false perception that performing and practicing music are two very different activities. I believe that the relationship between performing and practicing is deeply intertwined and at a particular level the difference between the two virtually disappears.

At some point in a musical career, performing by itself becomes the greatest learning experience. Significantly the aspect of performing is the tremendous energy that’s experienced throughout a live show in front of a receptive crowd.

The true reason for developing mechanical and musical ability becomes evident and the target of practice sessions is transformed. At that time, ironically, performing itself becomes the true learning experience because of the tremendous energy is experienced throughout a live performance. The energy of the audience, felt by the performer, pushes him to new heights of creative achievement and practicing becomes preparation so that you can concentrate and boost that experience; this marks the start of the transition from musician to artist.

The artist will find new strategies while practicing to get live performances nearer to pure ecstasy of musical expression in every ways. An artist will take different disciplines such as psychology, theatre, and dance will enable the artist-musician to achieve better control of the instrument and maximize the overall performance itself.

This is the true transformation of musician to artist, by developing personal, unique and creative ways of expression. As these progresses, the performer will certainly realize great improvement in focus, ease of performance and greater synchronicity of body, mind and what professional musicians like to call “soul”.

Because practice is changed into a more satisfying and rewarding experience, the step towards scaling the heights of artistic achievement have been obtained. Because music is one thing an artist enjoys, practice is, “playing music”, it should always be enjoyed for its own sake.

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