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PostHeaderIcon Is Epictunes A Good Option For Unsigned Bands

Epictunes, a UK based company took on the music industry to help provoke the music revolution.

Many people believes that “true” musicians, bands and artists are being replaced by corporate profit motives.

With the recent global boost of unsigned bands who needs the record companies? If there is a platform to market your music right to fans the role of the middle man has forever changed.

The explosion in the UK of The Artic Monkeys and Gnarls Barkley are only 2 examples that the music loving public are aware that there is good music to be discovered on the internet. As both these “now successful” bands proved, creating their fan base on the internet first is an important step. Bands and artist now need to develop their place on the internet where they can repeat similar success.

Some individuals may believe that myspace is that place. However with the company’s initial success myspace (now worth million of dollars) has been transformed into a corporation itself. It is now as hard to get noticed on myspace as it is on national radio. This is where the new breed of internet websites like Epictunes comes in.

Epictunes offers a range of features to help unsigned bands and artists to reach their audience. It’s currently free to join to make use the standard features on the website, you can upload up to four song tracks, photo of the band, a profile and a direct message system. For a subscription fee bands have expanded services like unlimited uploads of songs, post blogs, upload photos, videos, feature recordings, and get promoted on the Epictune radio stations and podcast.

Services like Epictunes are becoming recognized stepping stone to get popularity on the global scale. However, Epictune is actually just one of the services available on the net. Do your research and review several websites, some will work better for your style of music then others. Take them up on the “free offer” in order to first test the service, before making any major commitment of time, money and effort.

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